Judge me, thank you.

My professional career started as a slow growing one man enterprise that spawned out of my ambition to become a self made Artist, early recognising that the music industry would not support nor invest in his avantgard creative vision.

Once myspace showed up I realised he had to study the digital marketing industry with a keen eye. Recognising that technology would give power to those who were eager to learn, I also started to record and produce my own musical compositions along with the creation of PR material. Back then he was working at his father’s company Prodofon AB within the entertainment industry in Stockholm arranging live shows and events.

After finishing high school, I started selling my insights and techniques as a consultant and a digital content creator on the european market on the side of my musical endeavours. 

In 2011 I joined forces with composers Rasmus Hemse, Christian Schreil and vocalist/techwizard Robert Luciani to create one of the most advanced, progressive metal albums to date. The Didact, released under the project name Means End on record label Rogue Records America. 

With my very singular focus on the  production and recording of the album I sustained lateral epicondylitis in both arms so, after the release of the album I went into rehabilitation, that being a slow process in 2014 I decided to dedicate myself fully to studies of photography, videography and design with heavy focus on editing within the Adobe Creative Suite. 

Since then I’ve been assisting a variety of social media entrepreneurs, tech/construction companies and musicians through videography, photography, audio engineering, 3D modelling/rendering and marketing consultation. 

My aim is now to evolve my business Digital Mercenary from a media production enterprise to a marketing consultation agency and social media talent label, aiming to recruit  some of the finest digital artisans and visionaries in Stockholm before the end of 2020.