Means End

Means End was a Swedish progressive metal band from Stockholm whose sound is spearheaded by SATB choirs, operatic vocals, 8-string guitars, and jazz-fusion compositions. Their music is likened to an amalgamation of artists such as Eric Whitacre, Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, Yellowjackets. They are notable for bridging the gap between classical composition and contemporary instrumentalism.

In 2012, the band earned endorsements with Toontrack, Fractal AudioLundgren Pickups , Microsoft, and partnered with Grammy Winning composer Eric Whitacre to remake his choir composition “Nox Aurumque” into a linear tempo metal song. Means End also performed at Vol.8 of the renowned Euroblast Festival with excellent feedback and an appreciated performance. After a year of focused composition and collaboration, Means End self-released their 12-track debut album, "The Didact" The album would earn Means End their first record deal.

My work in means END

While in Means End I was in charge of B2C relations, planing and producing  our promotional material and administrating our facebook page together with our vocalist Robert Luciani.

I also recorded guitars and edited our Ep and debute album The Didact.

More information can be found here:


The DIdact

Artwork by Robin portnoff, lyrics by Robert lUciani

Experimental music by leonard Eastgrove

MEans End - Omega barrier Instrumental Guitar playthrough